From “America’s Wild Rivers Coast” to “Heart of the Dunes,” the Southern Oregon Coast offers an unspoiled coastal experience in Brookings-Harbor filled with surfing, sailing, fishing, crabbing, and exploring the most accessible and spectacular beaches in Oregon.

We encourage our guests at Ocean Suites Motel to share their favorite videos for all to enjoy. 

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Mysterious Sinkhole | Brookings-Harbor, OregonHarris Beach State Park | Brookings-Harbor Oregon
Community LIVES in Brookings, OR | 84th annual Azalea FestivalBigfoot Blues Festival - PNW Festivals and Events 2023
Southern Oregon Coast Brookings-Harbor
Lots of cool scenic hikes and views
Exploring South Oregon Coast, Hidden Beaches,
Thor's Well & The Ultimate Clam Chowder!
Young Manny Crabbing in Brookings-Harbor, OregonBig Kids like Crabbing in Brooking-Harbor, OR too.
Steelhead fishing with Andy Martin
Chetco River Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Ocean Salmon fishing with Andy Martin. Brookings-Harbor, OR
Annual Southern Oregon Kite Festival | Brookings-Harbor, OregonAnnual 4th of July Fire Works display | Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Surfs up on the Sport Haven Beach | Brookings-Harbor, OregonAnnual Slam’N Salmon Derby Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Samuel H. Boardman State Park | Brookings-Harbor, OregonHarris Beach State Park | Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Road Trip | Brookings-Harbor, OregonAnnual Pirate Festival,
Jack Sparrow Appearance Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Annual “Wild Rivers Duck Derby” in Loeb Park, Brookings OregonChristmas Festival of Lights in Brookings, Oregon | Azalea Park
Droning over Chetco Point and Mill Beach
Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Top 10 Places To Visit In Oregon | Ryan Shirley
Surfing in Brookings-Harbor Oregon | South JettyKite Festival & Lone Ranch Beach | Brookings-Harbor, Oregon
Southern Oregon Coast - Samuel H. Boardman
State Scenic Corridor. State Park.
Brookings, Oregon
Ocean Suites Motel Hotel in Brookings, Oregon. Just 7 miles from
the California border, Ocean Suites Motel features free Wi-Fi
access and private parking.
Capt. Michael McGahan of Brookings Fishing
Charters explains how to rig for surf perch
to fish beaches around Brookings.
Amazing place near Brookings Oregon, in the Samuel H.
Boardman State Scenic Corridor, a 12-mile section of
the southern coast with incredible natural beauty.
Drone shots and photos were taken at Samuel
H. Boardman State Scenic Corridor, just
outside of Brookings on the southern coast
of Oregon.
PBS | All Across Oregon | Beautiful Brookings, Oregon
Southern Oregon Coast RV Road Trip
Brookings "Thor's Well" at Cape Perpetua
Hike along Natural Bridges in Brookings, Oregon
Brookings Oregon, Harris Beach State Park.Lone Ranch Beach, Cape Ferrelo, Whales Head Beach,
Harris Beach & more... Brookings Oregon
Beautiful Brookings and Harbor are two
communities on either side of the
Chetco River, united by their shared
Brookings, Oregon Neck of the Woods.
Top 10 things to do in beautiful Brookings, Oregon.Brookings Oregon, Chetco Effect
Southern Oregon "Banana Belt".


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