Ocean Suites Motel in Brookings Oregon is located on the most southern piece of Oregon’s coastline, just six miles from California. While traveling, you will have terrific views of Brookings-Harbor and Port of Brookings. If you are interested in doing some fishing, explore the opportunities our Chetco River provides. Brookings-Harbor will be your favorite place to visit on the southern Oregon coast.

Brookings is subject to winter (and less frequently summer) temperatures considered unusually warm for the Oregon Coast or for that matter, the coast of Northern California north of Santa Cruz. Temperatures can reach 70 to 80 °F throughout the year. This is due in part to the marine influences from its location on the Pacific Ocean, but mostly from its situation at the foot of the Klamath Mountains, from which winds compress and warm the air flowing onto Brookings. This is called The Brookings Effect or Chetco effect. Periods of intense heavy rain common in the winter as are weeks of warm and sunny weather. Daffodils and other bulbs generally bloom in February. In the low lands, heavy fog is common in the summer while the coastal hills are generally sunny and cool. Inland it is warm.

The City of Brookings is the first and only Oregon city designated an Azalea City by the Azalea Society of America, and is one of only 16 cities to hold the designation across the nation.

For local weather conditions, tune a VHF FM Radio to 162.550 MHz and listen NOAA weather radio broadcasts.

  • Other NOAA VHF broadcast frequencies:
    162.400 MHz | 162.425 MHz | 162.450MHz | 162.475 MHz | 162.500 MHz | 162.525 MHz





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